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30/03/17 : FLEET UPDATE

RCT 3 (50) & ACT 540L (72) passed their annual MOT tests making them available for service in 2017

click here for details of other events where the members of the heritage fleet will be appearing in 2017

03/08/17 : MUSEUM UPDATE

The building has now been completed with just a few minor interior tasks to complete
The interior walls and floor have been painted

Work has now begun on fitting the displays and photographic gallery

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31/03/17 : FLEET UPDATE

M1 OCT (116) the .com decals fitted in the early 2000s have been removed from the sides and rear. The metal fleet names will be re-fitted to the sides and the Bourne 422866 decals re-applied on the rear

25/05/17 : FLEET UPDATE

E100 AFW (100), having become part of the Trust’s collection on 15/03/17, 100 returned to Bourne after and absence of 7 years and 9 months.